Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eight New Articles for Business and General Interest

Links follow for four new articles recently published by me on for your reading pleasure:

Small Business Training Proposal Grants
Business Cash Flow Activity Lessons
The Importance of Customer Service in Banking
Laws for Trespassing Over a Driveway

Also, find four more articles of general interest for adults and kids. These have also gone live on recently:

Online Psychiatric Diagnosis Tools
How to Keep Peach Trees Pest Free
Tycoon Games for Kids - These are tons of fun and many of them are available free of charge.
Internet Adventure Games - Again, lots of free fun by playing these games.

The following articles have been approved and will be published soon on

Florida Small Business Economic Development Grants
Grants for Online Businesses
Should I Borrow Money to Invest?
Should I Use My Retirement Money to Avoid Bankruptcy?
Should I Pay the Minimum Payment on My Credit Card?
Should One File Bankruptcy to Avoid a Lien Judgment?
Should I Pay the Mortgage or Monthly Bills?
Should I Buy a House With a Pool?
Agricultural Professional Organizations
Should You Keep Your Pond Pump Running in Winter?
Methods of Testing Soil pH
Should I Line My Garden With Plastic Sheeting?
Is it Better to Buy Solid Granite or Granite Tile?
Cowboy Nursery Theme
How Often Should You Clean a Wood Burner Chimney?
How Much Should Egyptian Cotton Sheets Cost?
Should I Drink Tap Water?
How Long Can You Drive With a Blown Head Gasket?
How Many Hours Should I Study for the GRE?
Physics Videos for Kids
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Malinda Zellman: Now Exclusive Writer for eHow Personal Finance and Business

I am happy to annouce that today I was invited by to become an exclusive writer for eHow Personal Finance and Business, an arm of eHow Money. Here is an excerpt from the invitation which came from Amy Kniss, Editor of eHow Money.

"...Based on your high quality work on eHow, we would like to invite you to join our exclusive writing team to help eHow Money achieve its mission. Effective today, only high-rated business and finance writers, like yourself, will be able to claim and write articles for eHow Money. ...We look forward to seeing more of your excellent work and welcome you to be a part of our growing eHow family. ...Thank-you, and congratulations on all your impressive work to date."

High five!

Malinda Zellman


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Sunday, August 29, 2010

FREE Entrepreneur and Business Strategy information - My Own Business, Inc.

busines planImage via Wikipedia I discovered a free online course I wanted to share with you. is a non-profit that offers a free online course comprised of 16 lessons, including quizzes and video clips. Over the term of this course, participants create their own business plan for a potential startup enterprise. Anyone who plans to risk their own time and money in a new business should take the time to work through the business plan with this fine, step-by-step guide to planning an upstart business. Optional upgrades include the purchase of a textbook and/or receiving a certificate of completion. But, you can take the complete course for free without either of these items.

Entrepreneur and Business Strategy information - My Own Business, Inc.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this organization in any way - just sharing a wonderful, free resource.

Malinda Zellman
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Five New Titles for your Reading Pleasure

Five new titles by Malinda Zellman have gone live on

The first three articles relate to business and law:

Project Management Knowledge AreasManagement Training Issues - dealing with conflict, imparting leadership skills, preparing your business for contingencies and knowing your own power

Project Management Training Activities - Learn about brainstorming, fishbone diagrams and critical path analysis

What do I Need to Start a Landscaping Business Legally? step-by-step advice to get off to a great start

The other two articles:

Vietnam War PC Games - the best of the best

Bad Ingredients in Hair Shampoo - You may never enjoy washing your hair again!
Image via Wikipedia
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

eHow Home & New Feature in the Right-hand Column

Welcome to my blog!  I hope you feel right at home and will leave me a comment while you are browsing. I love to meet and chat with those who browse my blog posts.

Today, I was approved as a writer for eHow Home, a division of I look forward to generating some interesting titles involving all things home and garden in the very near future.

For now, take a look at my latest article:  DIY Quit Claim Deed

I know how many of you have just been waiting with baited breath to learn how to create your own quit claim deeds. Today is your lucky day. 

I have just added a feature to the right-hand column of this blog that lists some of the places where I have been published in books and magazines as well as a list of links to online articles.  It is not comprehensive, but it represents my writing background. 

If you need a writer for your blog or website, I would be interested in writing for you too! My experience at in creating seach-engine-friendly online content will help draw customers to your site. Let's talk!

Malinda Zellman - beautiful Laura Paige designer rings for sale

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Check out several new titles that have just gone live on

I have been utilizing my BA degrees in Business Administration and Economics this week in my writing for Here is a list of the latest five titles to go live:

What Are the Differences Between a Banking System and a Commercial Bank?
How to Display and Transport Jewelry
List and Contrast Different Types of Financial Market Banks
HIPAA Privacy Laws for Medical Office Personnel
What Is the Association for Financial Counseling & Planning?

There are six more titles that have been approved but not yet gone live on

DIY Quit Claim Deed
Should One File Bankruptcy to Avoid a Lien Judgment?
Should I Pay the Mortgage or Monthly Bills?
Should I drink my Tap Water?
Should I Line My Garden with Plastic Sheeting?
Should I Pay the Minimum Payment on My Credit Card?

So many pertinent titles!


Malinda Zellman - Laura Paige Designer Statement Rings on Sale now!

Malinda Zellman Named Business Expert for

Greetings! I am please to announce my recent appointment as a Business Expert on ! Hello Expert is in beta mode right now. They are planning to go public soon offering 24/7 consultations on a wide variety of specialties. You may access their database of answers, ask questions on their blogs, get free advice or engage an expert - like me - for a fee! I will pass the word when they go live. Have a great week.

Malinda Zellman

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two New Titles Published to

I have authored two new articles for They are now live on the site:

"How To Tell If There Is a Tracking Device on You"
"How to Locate Lost Mineral Rights"

Other titles approved and soon to be published:

"What Are the Differences Between a Banking System and a Commercial Bank?"
"DIY Quit Claim Deed"

Check them out and leave me five stars--*****. Comments are always welcome at the article site or here on my blog.
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Perplexed Parenting Group: Free Help for Bewildered Christian Parents

For Those Rare Days of Parenting

Having parented four children--one into heaven and three into adulthood--I must first say that all four of them have brought unadulterated joy into my life. This joy I would have found in no other way than being their Mom. But, be honest. We have all had one of those rare days when our kids' behavior completely confounded our best efforts.

You may have tried every parenting trick in the book and still stand completely baffled by what you are seeing in your offspring. You may be asking yourself, "Is that my child?" That's when Christian parents need comfort, guidance and a caring response from people who come from a perspective we can appreciate.

The couple behind Perplexed Parenting have been friends of mine for a number of years, although we live in separate states. I turned to my friends at Perplexed Parenting one day recently when I felt completely bamboozled. Why, you ask? ...because I knew they had struggled with their kids too. Know what? They were there for me.

Plastering my discombobulated family life online or in their forum was not a requirement to get their guidance, their prayers, their love and encouragement. They were happy to chat privately by email. It made me feel better to know other parents have struggled on those rare days too. What a wonderful resource and sounding board the Perplexed Parenting founders are for those rare times when parenting your family leaves your somewhat mystified.

Make the connection with Perplexed Parenting today and enjoy their brief but frequent encouragements. Because one of those rare days may strike when you least expect it. You may find yourself completely stunned--a fully perplexed parent.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

"Homeschool Art Activities" Article Now Live on

My latest article published on is entitled "Homeschool Art Activities".  Those interested may visit for exposure to some great ideas on doing art activities in your homeschool. 

More articles coming soon on  (approved but not yet published)

DIY Quit Claim Deed
How to Tell if a Tracking Device is on You

Be sure to leave me five stars while you are there! Feel free to discuss in the forum there or here on my blog. I love hearing from my blog readers.

Malinda Zellman

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Malinda Zellman Now a Writer for Demand Studios

It's official! I am now a Writer for Demand Studios which provides online content for some of the largest websites online such as,,, and more. It is competitive becoming a Demand Studios writer, so I rejoiced when they accepted my application. So far I have had five articles approved for use on  Three have been published, so take a look.  You may leave a comment at the article site of here on my blog. Let me hear from you! 

Coming soon:

"Homeschool Art Activities"
"How to Tell if There is a Tracking Device on You" 

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Who Do You Write Like? Free Tool Tells You in Seconds

David Foster WallaceImage by Steve Rhodes via Flickr
Here's a fun site for anyone who enjoys writing. Called "I Write Like", you copy and paste a few paragraphs you have written on any topic. It starts crunching and in a matter of seconds pops up with the name of the famous writer whose writing your writing most resembles. 

Me? I apparently write like David Foster Wallace. Unfamiliar with Wallace until they named him, brief research at showed him as a brainy/philosophical Harvard alumni with best sellers. He writes both novels and essay collections.

It is easy to research what a famous author writes by searching their name on  Then, you can read samples of their published work online. I could see how my writing is similar to his essays. Cool tool! Give it a try. It is completely free, very telling, and, in my case, pretty accurate.

Have fun and please post a comment telling us whose writing your writing resembles. What did you make of it? We would love to hear from you. Were they right?
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Goodwill Helps People Find Jobs

While working a temporary government job recently, I was asked to come to the Goodwill Job Center in Leesburg, FL for our day of job training.  While there, I discovered a treasure trove of helps for anyone unemployed.  Because we were using Goodwill's classroom space in their Job Center, "Miss Linda" who works at this Goodwill Job Center gave us a quick rundown of what services are available through them. Like she said, after we were done with this temporary assignment, we would all be unemployed again, so she wanted us to know how they could help.

While we were on break from training, I spoke to Miss Linda who told me about her 3-day workshop. She offers these every month to help the unemployed learn how to write a resume, fill out an application, dress for success, manage your money and conduct an effective interview. They even videotaped our mock interviews and replayed them so we could see what we and our new friends in class were doing right or wrong while mock interviewing. 

This workshop was extremely helpful to me, so I wanted to share it with all of you.  It was not only informative but fun.  At the same time, we were all gaining confidence in our career development skills.  If you know someone looking for a career or who needs to make a career change, I highly recommend the Goodwill Job Center.

While the government unemployment centers and their staffs are completely overwhelmed right now, Goodwill is flourishing in this economy. They use their profits to offer all these services free of charge to anyone who wishes to take advantage of them.  Thank you Goodwill! 

Besides the workshops, the site where I went has a bank of computers you can use for job searches. They offer computer classes if you need to brush up on your computer skills. They have a bank of telephones if you need a quiet place to make calls to potential employers. Best of all, it has happy, helpful staff including "Miss Linda" who cheers you on in your quest to improve your life.  Highly recommended!

To find the Goodwill Job Center nearest you, click on the title of this article.  You can enter your zip code in their website to find the closest location to your home. 

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Statement Rings: Visit Jewelers Elegance for Hard-to-Find Designer Rings by Laura Paige:

A "statement ring" is THE buzzword in fashion circles.  Visit and you will hear it over and over from their advisors.  "You need a statement ring to make that outfit sing, girl." 

Statement rings make a statement by their very presence - usually because of their size, heft or breathtaking elegance of design.  Much like you, they have attitude.
Here are a few example of the Statement Rings you will find at Jewelers Elegance...

Natural Citrine with White Topaz Accents
18 kt Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver

To see all your choices, visit Jewelers Elegance now!

Lime Quartz, Citrine with White Topaz
18 kt Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver  
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What Every Parent Should Know About Underage Drinking

According to the Office of National Drug Control’s National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, “Many kids start drinking in middle school. In fact, one out of every two eighth graders has tried alcohol. Additionally, more kids use alcohol than use tobacco or illicit drugs and more children are killed by alcohol than all illegal drugs combined.” This is one reason why parents need to learn the signs and symptoms of a young person’s drinking.

Because alcohol lowers people’s inhibitions, teens tend to make bad decisions once they start to drink. Statistics show that approximately 5,000 young people under 21 are dying each year as a result of underage drinking. A website dedicated to providing parents with the information to raise drug-free kids,, says there are 1,900 alcohol related deaths in motor vehicle accidents, 1,600 homicides, 300 suicides and hundreds of falls, burns and drownings.

It is simple. Our teens do things while drunk that they would not do if they were sober. These statistics do not account for increased injuries, school or work problems, teen pregnancies, sexual assaults, or any other number of serious complications that result more often when alcohol and teenagers mix. These are just the number of deaths attributed to teenage drinking.

But, detecting teenage alcohol use is tricky. Almost every teen has been known to have a change in their sleeping habits, show mood changes, cock an attitude, throw a temper outburst, and change friends--maybe all in the course of one week. Yet these are all signs of underage drinking. Alcohol shows differently in different people, so you may see any variety of changes in your teen. Try to perceive what is normal versus unusual for your child. Just because you see one change, it does not necessarily mean they are drinking, but if you start to see a pattern of a number of the items listed below, you may be onto something. To stay on top of things, parents must be alert to more subtle signals such as:

Emotional Changes

Do you see signs of depression or withdrawal?

Hostility or difficulty getting along with their friends?

Is your teen uncharacteristically passive?

Or, are they combative or argumentative lately?

Irritability is also an indicator.

Physical Changes

Teens may have losses of memory or blackouts associated with their drinking.

Is your teen vomiting?

Do they avoid coming near you after they have been out?

More specifically, do they make a mad dash for the bathroom to shower, brush their teeth and use mouthwash before speaking to you?

Once teens start drinking they may be more careless with grooming, paying little attention to their appearance.

If they have always been into sports, are they still playing sports?

Are you detecting any unusual breath odor?

Do you notice any drunken behavior, glazed eyes, or unexplained bruises and accidents? You may see flushed skin, swollen or puffy eyes, or bloodshot eyes.

Is your child using incense, room deodorizers or perfume to hide odors?

What about teens who suddenly start using mouthwash or popping breath mints?

Are they wearing clothes, hats or collecting other trivia that promote alcohol products? Are they using eye drops to reduce the red eyes?

Is your teen having difficulty focusing?

Social Changes

How are things going at school? Are the grades holding up?

If they work, are they having any problems at work?

Are they having problems with absenteeism, especially on Mondays?

Peer group changes are important indicators. Know who your kids are hanging out with.

Are you noticing secrecy about their possessions?

Or, secrecy about their activities?

What about their need to have secret conversations with their friends?

Have they been borrowing money more than usual?

According to website, alcohol is only legal for those that are 21 year of age. Alcohol is a depressant which is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and stays in the body for a few hours. The bloodstream carries it to all the body’s organs, so the entire body is affected - the brain, stomach, muscles, liver, kidneys and more. This explains why the list of physical changes is long. But, keep in mind that teenagers are still growing and developing. Alcohol use can actually affect their brains.

I want your feedback. If you learned from this article or have additional signs or symptoms other parents can watch for in their offspring which are not listed here, please leave a comment below. It will help other parents. 

To learn more about alcohol abuse in teens or to learn what you can do to prevent your teen from drinking, go to:

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Join the D's Club at Captain D's and Get a Free Meal!

Captain D's Seafood restaurant at 4300 North R...Image via Wikipedia
Get a free fish or chicken dinner!  Click the title of this article, and go to the site.  You can fill out Captain D's short form, and they will email you a coupon for a free two piece fish or chicken dinner.   I did, and I got my free meal.  Yum! 

Afterwards, they will send you other coupon offers via email periodically.  If you enjoy a good, yet inexpensive seafood meal as much as I do, you might take advantage of the discount meal coupons too. 

As an example, the one I got in my email today was a shrimp and fish dinner with two sides for $5+.  Heads up! 

Malinda (...who is always up for a free meal out) - LOL
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In Memory of my brother, Guy Roger Winkle, Please Don't Drink and Drive

This coming Saturday would have been my brother's 57th birthday.  But, 40 years ago, at age 17, he was killed by a drunk driver on his way home from a date.  I was 14 at the time and my entire family was devastated, as you can imagine. 

He was a good kid who had gone out with his church youth group the previous week to visit an alcoholic and encourage him in his recovery.  Then, the same week, he became a victim of a woman who was leaving the Post Time Lounge on 17-92 at Dog Track Road in Longwood, Florida

The drunk woman crossed both lanes of traffic headed south, then crossed the median and rammed into the side of his car after crossing another two lanes of traffic which were headed north.  That's pretty looped.   

It is sad to know that the woman who killed my brother had killed two previous people from driving drunk.  She managed to get off scott free.  While she has walked away free, to repeat her bad choice and potentially to ruin the lives of countless others, our family has suffered a great loss that has never gone away. 

Please, don't drive drunk.  And, if you can help it, don't let your friends drive drunk either.  Save a life. 
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Become a Follower of This Blog

Welcome!  I hope you are enjoying the variety of posts so far.  To follow this blog, all you have to do is click on the "Follow" button in the right-hand margin.  When my posts go up on this blog, a notice will be sent to your dashboard.   Then, you can read it if/when you are ready to see what's up on this end of things.  Enjoy!  And, please feel free to leave comments on all my posts.  I would love some feedback. 


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Public School System in Crisis

The National Education Association headquarter...Image via Wikipedia
The educator in me has been biting my tongue for nearly 20 years now. But, at this juncture, I am now on the very cusp of graduating my youngest son from homeschool high school and I can hold my tongue no longer. In my opinion, Americans in the last couple generations have been seriously "dumbed down" by a public school system with a very scary agenda.

If you dare, take a peek at the National Education Association's long term goals over the last decade. Or, if that is too frightening, read this article commenting on some of the actions taken by the NEA.

Some, as the above article states, go so far as to say they are attempting to "sexualize and indoctrinate your children in public school". If you take the time to read the facts, you may agree with them. That is a concern.

But, what about the fact that we are graduating illiterate students? What about the fact that test scores continue to drop? What about the higher drop-out rates? What about the taxes we pay for these shoddy results? ...and the organized gambling that is ruining lives all across America in the name of improving education? Does any of this bother you? Where will the politics stop and the remaking of our public school system begin in earnest?

As a business major, we were taught when things are working well to change nothing. But, if things are not working, change something. I say it is time to make major changes to the way our public schools function. 

Paying teachers according to students' test scores? You have got to be kidding! Teaching to the test rather than teaching the students a well-rounded education? That is an abomination. Just about everyone you bump into would agree; yet, nationwide, we continue to follow this path. 

I believe the product our nation is churning out by the thousands at the end of each school year is just another flock of sheep. Sheep who, for the most part, have been taught to blindly follow the government, who, they have been taught, knows what is best for all of us. They question little to nothing and understand even less about the workings of government, about civics, about economics, about our history. Do we even want to talk about their reading and writing abilities? Oh, me..

The result? The vast majority of our nation have gone dumb (can't speak up about things anymore) and gone blind (can't see the big picture right before their eyes), can't think of a way to stop the snowball from consuming the next generation.

Our nation has a very serious shortage of intelligent young up-and-comers. Instead, we have trended towards a shocking number of students entering community colleges who must start their first semester with a full slate of remedial courses before they will be "ready" for college-level work in math and/or reading. Why? They graduated high school without learning the fundamentals, for goodness sake. Heaven help them!

Where I used to teach in the community college system, I was told that our average students who were entering public service majors (firemen, law enforcement and such) tested at the 10th grade level AFTER graduating from high school. Does this send up any red flag for anyone? This doesn’t mean our public service applicants are backwards. It means our education system has failed them.

Years ago, when we homeschoolers discovered, to our amazement and delight, that the average homeschooled student tested at the 75th percentile while the average student nationwide tested in the 50th percentile, we patted ourselves roundly on the backs and proceeded with confidence that we were doing the best thing for our kids. And, in my humble opinion, we were, for the most part. But, rather than seeing this as a measure of what a great job homeschoolers are doing, (and most of them are, by the way), consider the flip side.

Instead, this should say something about the public school the public school system is failing miserably. They teach in state of the art buildings, with state of the art computers with teacher degreed in very specific formats. They have nearly limitless funds for curriculum, supplies, furniture, and transportation compared to the average homeschool family who must survive on a single income. They have educators and administrators with all the right credentials. Yet, with all these advantages, there is something wrong when they can't equate the results of homeschool moms everywhere.

These are moms who, in some states, don't have to graduate from high school, college OR have an education degree of any kind to teach their own children at home. Yet, these moms are teaching circles around the public school system as I write this piece. Did you know that research shows that even children being taught at home by a mother who never graduated from high school does as well as other homeschoolers?

What do we learn here? We learn it is not about buildings, equipment, and degrees. It's about teaching them well. It's about focusing on what is important.

I'll give you a hint: What's not important are the test scores. What's important is whether the child learns and whether the child eventually attains the skills to educate themselves.

Let's do something before the whole nation crumbles.


Public school teachers, in your opinion, what obstacles do you face in teaching well in the public school system?
What specifics prevent your success in the public school arena?
What makes the successful education of America's youth so elusive?
What changes would improve the quality of the graduates whose lives you are helping to shape?
Do we need longer school days? Grade 13? Saturday school? What?
How can parents help make public school more successful?
If we throw out our present "teach-to-the-test" approach to education, do you think that would help?
Any ideas? Suggestions? Corrections?

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert - just a citizen who cares and wants to see change - and not the Obama version of change.

I would like to encourage any thoughtful comments along these lines from others, like me, who care about the next generation of Americans. Please share your ideas for their betterment.

Other resources on this topic: - for quick basics/background information

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free Microsoft Certification Classes

Closeup of a stone sign bearing the Microsoft ...Image via Wikipedia
One of the reasons unemployment is so extended during this recession is because many who have been laid off from their jobs have not just lost their job.  They have lost their career.  Their entire industry is shut down indefinitely and, for some, it is shut down permanently. 

In this case, we must begin working towards a new career with different skills in industries that have not come to a screeching halt. Of course, this usually takes time and money.  While the unemployed have plenty of time in one sense, money is not necessarily available to cover the cost of retraining or for going without income for an extended period of time while doing the needed retraining.  The bills just keep rolling into the mailbox, don't they? 

Here is the good news!  With our nation facing a real challenge in retooling so many Americans with skills that will get them back to work, Microsoft has come up with an offer that is hard to refuse.  They are trying to help some people toward that goal of re-employment.  Even better, they are offering this free of charge.  All you have to do is ask.  If you are willing to do the work, they will foot the bill.  (In some cases,you must pay for your exams, but I was pleasantly surprised when they sent me a free exam voucher too boot.) 

A number of states have already begun to work in conjunction with Microsoft in offering free classes in a very long list of Microsoft courses.  Some are full certification programs with multiples courses.  Many of these certifications, which ultimately result in highly-regarded credentials, will qualify you for work in the Internet technology field, programming, web development or any number of other computer-related positions--even if you did not work in IT in the past. 

Other of the free programs teach you the basics, such as how to use the computer or how to use the Office Suite of products such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel and several others that predominate almost all workplaces you enter in today's world.

Microsoft even has online tools to help you figure out what work best suits you, and they offer online details about various training paths to get you to your chosen goals.  To see if your state is participating in Microsoft's Elevate America program, go to .  If they are, applying is very quick and easy. 

While I used these remote features while teaching elementary school students how to use the Office Suite of products, this is a whole new way of using these tools - to solve tech problems.  By the way, you have never lived until you have walked a classroom full of 20 fourth graders through a 30-minute lesson using your master computer to lead them through a series of steps to do something like how to create a database - lol  But, they learned and they learned amazingly well. 

I am presently working on the Microsoft Certified Technician Specialist (MCTS) learning how to use troubleshooting tools such as remote desktop and remote administration to solve problems with malfunctioning computers that could be halfway around the world.  For instance, a customer or employee calls in with a computer issue.  The technician gets permission to take control of their computer remotely, make the fix, and get them up and running again.  Wah - la! 

My program includes 10 courses and a prerequisite or two.  I have almost completed the first course and I find my curriculum to be top drawer.  I highly recommend them.  It is clear, easy to follow and effective in teaching you new skills if you are willing to do the work online. 

Check it out!  It never hurts to expand or update your skills in any area.  But, I think it is safe to assume computers are not going away anytime soon.  So, let's learn how to work with them and tool ourselves to be able to put them to their best use.

Thank you, Microsoft!
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Malinda Zellman Receives an Invite from

One of the administrative folks at the new fashion site called came across my blog and liked it, emailing me the following comments:

"...Just visited your "Malinda Zellman" blog and I was super impressed by its design and content. We just opened up our site Lookville for beta testing. It's a place for people to have discussions, share tips, and ask questions about fashion. Currently, memberships are by invitation only and I would love to have you on it!"

Wow!  What a nice surprise.  I feel so honored to have been invited into this fine company of fashion experts... and what fun I am having on this site!  While I don't consider myself a fashion expert, I do consider myself a jewelry fashion expert.  I have written articles about jewelry trends in the past.  This approach is very fresh, however.  What a wonderful way to get a sense of current trends, hot accessory ideas, popular colors for spring and summer and so much more. 

This site has been in the news the last week or so.  If you haven't already heard about Lookville, they allow you to upload a picture of yourself in a certain outfit you are trying to pull together and let others participating on Lookville share their ideas about which shoes, what hairstyle, what accessories, or for whatever assistance you have requested.  Some of the participants are very good at giving advice. 

It works in much the same way as a social networking site.  You can follow certain people and their comments if you like them.  I already have my first follower after only two short posts.  I will let you know when Lookville goes public.  I feel confident you ladies would enjoy a visit while surfing the net one afternoon. 

At the present time, I find the site a little slow, but that is not surprising considering they are new and getting lots of press as well as traffic to their site.  The site is presently reacting to feedback from those of us they have invited to help them get off the ground. 

I think the idea is ripe for something like this and, personally, I am enjoying offering a tip here and there about what jewelry and accessories work with certain outfits.  After so many years selling natural gemstone jewelry online, this is right up my alley.  You can rethink your "look" at Lookville.

Malinda Zellman

I am adding new classic jewelry pieces to my eBay shop this week (like these classic pearl earrings in 24 kt plated yellow gold for under $10) in addition to the Laura Paige designer rings I listed last week (see sample photos in previous article below).  Check it out when you have the time:

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

"The Mighty Mali" in Photographs - Better Known as a Classic 1979 Chevrolet Malibu for Sale

Today I am uploading samples of photos I shot yesterday for someone preparing to sell his classic 1979 Malibu.  Here is a sneak peak.  Take a stroll back in time with this one...  It rumbles!  The car runs fine and draws attention everywhere he takes it.  For information on the engine, price or other condition details, you can reach Christopher, the owner, at (352) 308-2651 or (407) 699-0869.

Please contact me if you need help with a commercial photography project.  I can be reached at (352) 360-5480 to discuss your needs.  I enjoy shooting projects large and small - from shooting a single object you want to list for sale (like "The Mighty Mali" above) to photographing your entire business inventory (like my new collection of Laura Paige designer rings in the article below), I can create the photos you need for either print advertising or for your website/online marketplace.  Working with me is a snap! 

The end.
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Commercial Photography for Fine Jewelry Now on Display at eBay

As a freelance photographer, I have shot thousands of photos for retailers including eBay as well as for print advertising.  Please visit my new jewelry store called Jewelers Elegance which features elegant rings by Designer Laura Paige from Great Britain.  Laura Paige pieces are extremely hard to find and because of her intricate, jaw-dropping creations with cathedral settings and hefty natural gemstones, they are the rage.  To see my full collection, go to

You can see my photography skills and my new line of jewelry for sale by visiting my new store.  As you can see, my experience has allowed me to master the art of close-up photography, among other interests.  My new eBay shop is a work in progress that will be constantly growing and changing for the next few weeks.  Please pass the word to friends in your network about this awesome new line of jewely now available on a first-come, first serve basis.  Get them while they last!

If you know anyone interested in having me do some commercial photography for them, please pass the word about my interest in new projects.  Simply fill me in on your project requirements and I would be glad to submit a proposal that best meets your requirements.  To discuss a project, simply email me at and we'll talk about your needs. 

My next project... classic car going up so sale.  Stay tuned... 

Malinda Zellman

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Homeschoolers CAN Do Well in College: Meet my Daughter, Amy Zellman

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I will never forget the moment, many years ago, when one of my sister-in-laws, a public school teacher, told me that I was "ruining" my children by schooling them at home.  If, by any chance, you are being told by your family and friends that you are "ruining" your child(ren) because you have chosen to homeschool them, don't believe them. Homeschooling is a wonderful, positive environment for learning of all sorts. I pray you find this report on my daughter's success in college an encouragement to you in your day-to-day labors with your own children.  The sky is the limit with your children's potential. 

After homeschooling for 18 years, I would say to each of you, "Reach for the stars! God has a plan for each and every child he has placed in your home. Know that your homeschooling efforts are a manifestation of a holy calling.  Our calling includes raising our children so they will want to make a difference for God during their lifetimes and in the lives of the generations that follow them." 

My daughter, just like her two brothers, was homeschooled starting at age 4 all the way through high school. (Our youngest son is still in high school.)  She did some dual enrollment during high school at our local community college and took a few classes at a private Christian school during high school. But, the rest of her school work was done primarily at home.  We used available resources outside the home only when we felt the other school could do a better job of teaching a subject than we could. 

Amy has wanted to become a medical doctor since she was a very young child.  This notion grew from a vague consideration at age four to a strong commitment by age seven. Since age seven, her determination to become a doctor has never wavered. She is presently finishing her junior year in Northern California at Simpson University, a Christian and Missionary Alliance school in Redding, CA.  She has a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.8 right now (out of 4.0). 

After applying for several possible medical or scientific research oportunities for summer of 2010, Amy was offered two prestigious possibilities:

  1. A summer internship program with stipend from the Weill-Cornell Medical College in New York. That's right! ...the Ivy League school, or
  2. A generous stipend to conduct medical research alongside Dr. Steven Goheen at the Department of Homeland Security in Richland, Washington. Because of the medical research and publication possibilities associated with the projects planned at Homeland Security, Amy has chosen to go to Homeland Security this summer and work under Dr. Goheen, her mentor for the project.
Seal of the United States Department of Homela...Amy will be taking her MCAT exams this summer. The scores on the MCAT and/or GRE exams this year determine who gets into medical school for the 2011 - 2012 school year.

She plans to apply this coming fall in hopes of finding a full ride scholarship in an MD-PhD program at a reputable school. After grauation from that phase of studies, she would be a medical doctor with the ability to practice medicine, conduct and write about both scientific and medical research, as well as teaching science, math and medical subjects at the university level.

I'm a proud Mom, but I know well that all the credit is due my daughter--not her parents.  She made this happen!  It is her good choices coupled with a lot of hard work and determination that have gotten her where she is today.     

I encourage all homeschooling parents not to fear homeschooling through high school.  For some families, this gives you the flexibility you need to prepare your teen to move into college, trade school, apprenticeships, and or go straight to work someplace.  With the tools you place under their belts, our homeschooled sons and daughters can make a real difference in the future of our nation and even around the world. 

The link below is her university's press release about her landing these two prestigious summer programs.  I believe the next generation could be transformed for the better by well-educated, talented homeschool students who are willng to work hard and dedicate their life in fields that can make a difference in the lives of people everywhere.         

Malinda Zellman

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Homeschool High School Science Curriculum Article

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Sat Mar 6, 6:57 pm ET
published in a Louisville, KY newspaper:
By DYLAN LOVAN, Associated Press Writer

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Home-school mom Susan Mule wishes she hadn't taken a
friend's advice and tried a textbook from a popular Christian publisher for her 10-year-old's biology lessons.
Charles DarwinMule's precocious daughter Elizabeth excels at science and has been studying
tarantulas since she was 5. But she watched Elizabeth's excitement turn to
confusion when they reached the evolution section of the book from Apologia
Educational Ministries, which disputed Charles Darwin's theory.
"I thought she was going to have a coronary," Mule said of her daughter, who
is now 16 and taking college courses in Houston. "She's like, 'This is not true!'"
Christian-based materials dominate a growing home-school education market
that encompasses more than 1.5 million students in the U.S. And for most
home-school parents, a Bible-based version of the Earth's creation is exactly what they want. Federal statistics from 2007 show 83 percent of home-schooling parents want to give their children "religious or moral instruction."

"The majority of home-schoolers self-identify as evangelical Christians," said Ian Slatter, a spokesman for theHome School Legal Defense Association. "Most home-schoolers will definitely have a sort of creationist component to
their home-school program."
Those who don't, however, often feel isolated and frustrated from trying to find a textbook that fits their beliefs.
Two of the best-selling biology textbooks stack the deck against evolution, said some science educators who reviewed sections of the books at the request of The Associated Press.
"I feel fairly strongly about this. These books are promulgating lies to kids," said Jerry Coyne, an ecology and evolution professor at the University of Chicago.
The textbook publishers defend their books as well-rounded lessons on
evolution and its shortcomings. One of the books doesn't attempt to mask
disdain for Darwin and evolutionary science.

"Those who do not believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God will find many points in this book puzzling," says the introduction to "Biology: Third Edition" from Bob Jones University Press. "This book was not written for them."

Bob Jones, Sr. (1883-1968)The textbook delivers a religious ultimatum to young readers and parents, warning in its "History of Life" chapter that a "Christian worldview ... is the only correct view of reality; anyone who rejects it will not only fail to reach heaven but also fail to see the world as it truly is."

When the AP asked about that passage, university spokesman Brian Scoles said the sentence made it into the book because of an editing error and will be removed from future editions.

The size of the business of home-school texts isn't clear because the textbook industry is fragmented and privately held publishers don't give out sales numbers. Slatter said home-school material sales reach about $1 billion annually in the U.S.

Publishers are well aware of the market, said Jay Wile, a former chemistry
professor in Indianapolis who helped launch the Apologia curriculum in the
early 1990s.

"If I'm planning to write a curriculum, and I want to write it in a way that will appeal to home-schoolers, I'm going to at least find out what my demographic is," Wile said.

In Kentucky, Lexington home-schooler Mia Perry remembers feeling disheartened while flipping through a home-school curriculum catalog and
finding so many religious-themed textbooks.

"We're not religious home-schoolers, and there's somewhat of a feeling of
being outnumbered," said Perry, who has home-schooled three of her four
children after removing her oldest child from a public school because of a
health condition.

Perry said she cobbled together her own curriculum after some mainstream
publishers told her they would not sell directly to home-schooling parents.
Wendy Womack, another Lexington home-school mother, said the only
scientifically credible curriculum she's found is from the Maryland-based Calvert School, which has been selling study-at-home materials for more than 100 years.

Apologia and Bob Jones University Press say their science books sell well.
Apologia's "Exploring Creation" biology textbook retails for $65, while Bob
Jones' "Biology" Third Edition lists at $52.

Coyne and Virginia Tech biology professor Duncan Porter reviewed excerpts from the Apologia and Bob Jones biology textbooks, which are equivalent to
ninth- and 10th-grade biology lessons. Porter said he would give the books an F.

"If this is the way kids are home-schooled then they're being shortchanged,
both rationally and in terms of biology," Coyne said. He argued that the
books may steer students away from careers in biology or the study of the history of the earth.

Wile countered that Coyne "feels compelled to lie in order to prop up a failing hypothesis (evolution). We definitely do not lie to the students. We tell them the facts that people like Dr. Coyne would prefer to cover up."

Adam Brown's parents say their 16-year-old son's belief in the Bible's creation story isn't deterring him from pursuing a career in marine biology. His parents, Ken and Polly Brown, taught him at their Cedar Grove, Ind., home using the Apologia curriculum and other science texts.

Polly Brown said her son would gladly take college courses that include evolution, and he'll be able to provide the expected answers even though he

"He probably knows it better than the kids who have been taught evolution
all through public school," Polly Brown said. "But that is in order for him
to understand both sides of that argument because he will face it throughout
his higher education."

(End of Associated Press Article) - Comments welcome... use link for comments below

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