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The Salary of an Entry-Level Claims Adjuster

The salary of an entry-level claims adjuster varies widely based on several factors. Often, adjusters get a base salary plus bonuses and benefits which, together, determine the overall pay package. Your employer's size, your industry and your years of experience affect your starting pay. Claims adjusters with a college degree(s) find the best opportunities. Consider the whole compensation package before choosing your first employer.

Median Expected Salary

In the U.S., a claims adjuster I, or entry-level claims adjuster, earns a median salary of $40,224 per year, according to Salary.com website. By searching with your own ZIP code or by the ZIP codes of other cities where you would consider working as an entry-level claims adjuster, you can fine tune median salary rates.
GEICO headquarters in Chevy ChaseImage via Wikipedia
GEICO headquarters in Chevy Chase

Example of Entry-Level Position Stipulations

In April of 2011, GEICO Insurance, for example, offers training for applicants with college degrees. No previous insurance adjuster experience requirements apply to this position. Applicants earn approximately $40,000 per year and get 100 per cent-free, on-the-job training from GEICO University, an internal corporate training program for employees.  

Position and Experience

Claims adjusters work in various fields such as automotive, property and casualty or business claims. Depending on the type of claims adjuster position, entry-level salaries may differ. The median claims adjuster salary, including claims adjusters with some experience, ranges from $39,000 to $65,000 per year, according to the College Grad website.
Popular Employers by Minimum Salary Range

The top five most popular employers of claims adjusters, according to Payscale website, include The Travelers Companies, Inc., Allstate Insurance Company, State Farm Insurance Company, Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. Travelers and Progressive have the highest pay potential for entry-level employees showing a minimum salary range of $49,000 and $39,000 respectively. The middle employer of the top five most popular employers is Allstate, where you can earn $37,000 per year to start. Close behind and tied for the bottom spots you find State Farm and Sedgwick at $36,000 per year.
Expected Top Pay Tiers

Looking at the same five most popular insurance employers--Travelers, Allstate, State Farm, Progressive and Sedgwick--you may earn as much as $70,000 to $80,000 per year salary once you work your way up to the top pay tier.
Bonuses, Benefits and Other Typical Perks

Many claims adjusters, especially those working for insurance companies, receive bonuses and benefits in addition to their salaries. Many of the bonuses can have a substantial impact on your overall salary prospects. Other common benefits include provision of a cell phone and laptop, as well as either a company car or reimbursement for the use of your personal vehicle. Look at the complete package when comparing employment opportunities.


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