Saturday, July 24, 2010

Malinda Zellman Now a Writer for Demand Studios

It's official! I am now a Writer for Demand Studios which provides online content for some of the largest websites online such as,,, and more. It is competitive becoming a Demand Studios writer, so I rejoiced when they accepted my application. So far I have had five articles approved for use on  Three have been published, so take a look.  You may leave a comment at the article site of here on my blog. Let me hear from you! 

Coming soon:

"Homeschool Art Activities"
"How to Tell if There is a Tracking Device on You" 

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  1. Hey Malinda! Congratulations on being accepted and for your first pieces of published work on eHow. Very informative and exactly what the reader is looking for when they want information on those topics.

    Hope you continue with us for a while!

    Mike Cowan
    Demand Studios Marketing

  2. Good job! I am going to edit my resume and send it off to Demand Studios later this week.

  3. Thanks, Amy & good luck with your application.

  4. can anyone hire you to write articles on various topics? what's your going rate? thanks!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Heather. Yes, I am for hire to do all sorts of writing or photography projects.

    I can write online catalog descriptions or online article content for websites. I have experience in making it read so it rates well in search standings. I do photography for online retail sites or for print advertising. I write articles (short and long) or I can even create the content for a book or booklet for you. The price varies by project, of course.

    I have taken a peek at both your blogs and found both of them to be in my areas of interest. In fact, I just wrote an interesting alternative medicine piece for about using cat's claw, an herb, to turn gray hair back to its original color naturally. You have quite a following on your skin care blog and that sort of writing would interest them. Then, I went to your other site and found direct sales. I used to be an account executive manager for a business furniture and interior design firm for several years (before children), so I have lots of sales background and BA degrees (2) in Business Administration and Economics to round out the qualifications. I often write in that realm as well. In fact, I am presently working on a piece for entitled "How to Get Insurance Clients".

    Simply email me with a brief idea what sort of writing project(s) you have in mind and I'll get right back to you. I would love to write for you! email:

    Typically I get the assignment from you with an agreed price, I submit the final copy to you. You take a look, tell me if you want any revisions and, if so, I will revise it once based on your comments, corrections or suggestions. Then, it should be ready to go into print or online. I would then send you an invoice and payment would be due.

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    Malinda Zellman (my eBay store where you can see some of my work)


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