Sunday, July 31, 2011

Student Recruitment Via Virtual Reality

This is the statue in the lobby of the Student...Colleges and other educational institutions use virtual tours when recuiting students. Being able to actually see the campus, sometimes even in real time, allays the parents' fears about the neighborhood and engages their student prospects. Further, from a business perspective, it gives them an advantage over institutions without virtual tours. Using the school's website in this way, allows the school to put itself in the best possible light when prospective students begin searching for possible schools. The more students you engage, and ultimately enroll, the more income for the school.


Nu Cloud; The Benefits of Virtual Tours for Student Recruitment; May 2011

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

How Can I Obtain an EPA License to Sell Weed Killer?

Weed KillerImage by akeg via FlickrSome states or Indian tribes, not the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), require the licensing of dealers who sell weed killers within their jurisdiction. The EPA regulates the distribution, sale and use of weed killers according to the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act. The EPA requires licensing or registration of the weed killer product. It does not license the sellers of weed killers. To sell weed killers, known as pesticides, you must know and adhere to federal and state or tribal regulations.

Step 1
Know the difference between legal and illegal weed killers in the U.S. Under FIFRA, this would include canceled, misbranded, suspended or unlicensed weed killers, also know as unregistered weed killers.

Step 2
Find out whether the EPA has reviewed and licensed a weed killer before you advertise or attempt to sell them. The EPA must determine that a weed killer poses no unreasonable risks to the environment or to human health. Once the determination has been made, each weed killer will be licensed for distribution, sale, or use as the label directs.

Step 3
Visit the EPA's "What is a Pesticide?" website for clarification if necessary. For regulatory purposes, weed killers are classified as pesticides.

Step 4
Check the labels of all weed killers before offering them for sale. When referring to labels, this includes brochures or flyers included with the product, the label on the package and any other information added by the manufacturer. The EPA's approves the language on the label. The label explains how the product must be used. If the EPA does not approve the label language, you may not sell the weed killer.

Step 5
Check the label to determine whether the EPA registered the herbicide for general use or whether use is restricted. This tells the seller whether the purchaser must have a certification to buy and use the product.

Step 6
Comply with state or tribal laws, if any, in addition to EPA regulations. State's laws differ. States sometimes require that all dealers selling weed killers in their state be licensed, even if they sell only online. The National Pesticide Information Center website provides links to the proper regulatory agency for all 50 states.

Read the label every time you receive new weed killer products for sale, because labels change.
Check the labels of all natural products being sold for use as a weed killer. These are subject to the same stringent EPA label approvals at chemical weed killers.


Those who sell unlicensed weed killers violate federal regulations and could be fined and/or charged with both civil or criminal penalties.
DuPont was fined $15,000 for allowing the repackaging of pesticides, a federal violation.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trend Following Tools for Forex

Forex-smImage via WikipediaIf you want to make the best forex trades, you need to be able to read the wide range of indicators available. Before you get the news from sites such as ForexYard, you need to learn the various signals that experienced investors use to tell them when to buy or sell a currency. A savvy broker or investor learns how to recognize market clues that new investors don’t see and can quickly analyze the data into action that brings in large profits. One of the major indicators to keep in mind during your investment journey is trend-following tools.

Trend-following tools along with forex news can help you to locate current trading trends as quickly as possible. Although there is something about selling when other people are purchasing, in most cases investors are dropping a currency for a good reason. There are also major trends. Once a currency begins to become popular or not, most of the time it remains that way. However, a trend-confirmation tool is a useful companion to your trend-following tools. These super easy forex tools can tell you if your trend-following tool is actually giving you accurate results or if you should consider other options.
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Kindergarten Teaching Grants

Kindergarten in FrankfurtImage via Wikipedia
by Malinda Winkle

Kindergarten teachers turn to local and national businesses, foundations and special interest organizations who support them with grant funding. Some funding may be found local to you while other funding may come from state or nationwide resources. By taking the time to request grant funding for your classroom or special project, you can improve the qualify of education in your classroom.

State Farm Good Neighbor Service-Learning Grant

Joyce Hembree, a kindergarten instructor at Mark Twain Elementary School in Oklahoma, applied for and received a $1,000 grant from the State Farm Good Neighbor Service-Learning grant program. State Farm offers these service-learning grants for youth-led service-learning projects each year. The projects run from Martin Luther King Jr. Service Day in mid-January through Global Youth
Service Day in mid-April each year. Hembree's project combined older students with her kindergarten class to plant a cooperative vegetable garden. It produced healthy snacks and allowed the young people to focus on the issue of older, bigger students being bullies.


NBEF Innovative Teacher Grants

Sometimes a teacher finds grant funding from charitable foundations in her own county. The New Brunswick Education Foundation (NBEF) funds grants for teachers in the New Brunswick public school system. In 2010, the NBEF granted funding to a kindergarten teacher who applied for project funding for her “Reading & Writing ~ The Ultimate Superpowers!” program. She wanted her kindergarten students to begin internalizing the concept that they are readers, writers and have superpowers. The grant paid for the cost of books and children's author visits. The program inspires a long-term love of reading and writing. Any teacher within the system with innovative teaching ideas may apply for these grants.


Wells Fargo Teachers Partner Program

Search for grants specific to your state. Kindergarten teachers in the state of Arizona, for instance, may apply for one-time grants of up to $500 for books, educational field trips, supplies, technological needs or professional development workshops. Selection committee members meet about six times per year from September through March and notify the results within two weeks of each committee meeting. Funds will arrive within two months of committee approval. Teachers may submit one grant per month and are limited to one grant per year.


International Reading Association Grant

The International Reading Association's Regie Routman Teacher Recognition Grant is open to mainstream kindergarten classroom teachers who are International Reading Association members and who have at least 60 percent of their students qualifying for free lunches. The applicant should hold a desire to improve the way she teaches reading and writing. Regie Routman supports these grants of $2,500 each. The funds may not be used to purchase commercial curricula, however. Acceptable funding ideas include, for instance, attending the IRA annual convention, creating a library in the classroom or publishing the students' work.
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Government Grants for Green Energy Contractors

Since the beginning of 2009, $8 million in economic stimulus money has been set side by the U.S. Department of Energy in part for green energy contractors. Some of the funds assist low-income households by enabling them to afford the contractors' green energy jobs, and some offer grants directly to small-business contractors who provide weatherization services for these families.

State Grant Programs

Because states distribute the federal stimulus funding, small-business home improvement contractors interested in obtaining grant funding should contact their own state officials. Details vary from state-to-state, but take Wyoming, for example. Its goals include boosting economic and work force development by expanding the state's number of certified contractors by the year 2013. Wyoming offers building analyst training courses for contracting companies and workforce development workshops with part of the stimulus grant funding.

Available Grants

Grants, typically available on a competitive basis, encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaic systems, nuclear, wind or geothermal, for instance. According to Ambassador Energy, a solar energy solutions company, grants primarily go to the commercial, education, government, industrial and utility sectors. They help pay the cost of systems or equipment approved within the program. Other aspects of the grants focus on research and development funding or support small-business contractor start-ups or expansions.

Projected Growth in the Weatherization Industry

The weatherization industry is expected to grow by 2,000 percent over the next 10 years, according the Lesko, due to the increase in funds for this program. In 2009, 3,000 home inspectors were needed. In total, 125,000 jobs were needed to staff the small-business weatherization contractors working within this program. For every $1 million invested in the program, 73 green jobs are created.

Increased Household Income Limits

The existence of the new funding for households creates a viable boost to the industry by allowing families who did not qualify for grants in the past to qualify under the new guidelines. Without expanding the income limits, contractors have a very narrow market. From 2008 to 2009, the amount of family income allowed for participation in the weatherization program increased from $33,000 to $44,000. Homeowners get the work done on their home and have lower utility bills after completion of the project. Contractors have customers, thanks to these income limit adjustments.


Solar Power Wind Energy; Government Grants for Alternative Energy; April 2011

Garfield Clean Energy; Garfield New Energy Communities Initiative Solar Installations Nearing...


M. Lesko; Green Grants; Matthew Lesko
Ambassador Energy; Renewable Regulations: Grant Programs

Wyoming Home Performance: The Wyoming Home Energy Makeover And Local Government Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy and Installation Project

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Review of Bush Furniture Fairview L-Shape Wood Computer Desk Set with Hutch in Antique White

Originally submitted at

Bush Furniture Fairview L-Shape Wood Computer Desk in Antique White The Bush Fairview L Shaped Computer Desk is a gorgeous addition to any home or corporate office. It provides plenty of work space with convenient box storage and storage drawers. It also features a retractable keyboard and mouse tr...

Business Quality with a Residential Look

By Malinda Winkle from Winter Springs, Florida on 7/16/2011


5out of 5

Best Uses: Home offices

Describe Yourself: Midrange Shopper

Primary use: Business

I was looking for a business-quality product with a residential look. I work from home and need the durability called for from a desk I work on every day all day. But, I wanted something that complemented my home decor. This is it! Its antique white finish complements the cabinetry in my home.

All the Bush products are easy to assemble.

I particularly like that this set comes with a hutch, which is attractive and provides more places for storage and display. Plus it comes with a matching two-drawer file cabinet. Awesome!

Love it!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Grants for Reintegrating Ex-Offenders

The seal of the United States Department of LaborImage via Wikipedia
Seal of the U.S. Department of Labor
In February of 2011, the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration announced the availability of funds for the Reintegration of Ex-Offenders Adult Program Grants. Approximately ten grants totalling $11.7 million dollars help serve the needs of adult ex-offenders who return to their communities. Each grant will be $1,170,000. Disbursal to faith-based and community organizations continues over a 27-month performance period.

Six City Gang Initiative

The U.S. Department of Justice's Six City Gang Initiative focuses on gang-involved offenders. It began with six pilot sites and was expanded in 2007 with an additional four cities. These grant funds address three aspects. One of the three aspects involves ex-offender reentry assistance programs. These provide  preparation to assure job readiness, placement assistance, transitional housing, and treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues for gang-involved offenders returning to their communities. Faith- and community-based institutions are encouraged to apply.

Juvenile Offender Reentry Program

Juvenile offenders have issues when reentering the community -- just like adult prisoners. In June of 2011, funding from the Second Chance Act of 2007 was announced in the form of grants for the Juvenile Offender Reentry Program. Administered by the Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention, it offers awards of up to $750,000. Grant proposals must come from local, state or county governments or from a federally recognized Native American tribal government. A cost-sharing or matching requirement does exist for these grants.

Adult Offender Reentry Program

Also funded by grants of the Second Chance Act of 2007, in May 2011, a new grant opportunity was announced for the Adult Offender Reentry Program. Like the Juvenile Offender Reentry Program, these grants provide up to $750,000 grants to local, state or county governments or from a federally recognized Native American tribal government. Administered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, these grants have a cost-sharing or matching requirement.


U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration; Notice of Availability of Funds and Solicitation for Grant Applications for Reintegration of Ex-Offenders – Adult Program Grants; February 2011

U.S. Office of Justice: Office of Justice Programs: Learn About Reentry: Attorney General's Six City Gang Initiative

Grants; Second Chance Act Juvenile Offender Reentry Program for Planning and Demonstration Projects; June 2011
Grants; Second Chance Act Adult Offender Reentry Program for Planning and Demonstration Projects; May 2011


Tax Clearance Certificate from the Director of the New Jersey Division of Taxation prior to the issuance of the grant

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

FREE Burger King Whopper Deal

A Burger King hamburger sesame seed bun, as se...Image via WikipediaNext time you stop at Burger King, check the back of your receipt. You may find instructions for how to earn a FREE whopper with the purchase of fries and a drink. Complete a short, online survey within 48-hours of your visit. At the end of the survey (which really isn't bad), it gives you a code which you write on the back of your receipt. Next time you visit BK, bring your receipt, buy a fry and a drink and they will give you the whopper for free. Nice!
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What is a FOREX market?

The FOREX market, a market for buying, exchanging, selling and speculating on currencies internationally, forms the biggest financial market in the world. It processes trillions of dollars in daily transactions. According to the Taipan Publishing group website, participants in the FOREX market include banks, central banks, commercial companies,  hedge funds, investment management firms, investors and retail forex brokers.


Taipan Publishing Group: General Investment Glossary: Forex Market, June 2011
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