Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Financial Aid Process

by Malinda Winkle

If you or a family member has tried to navigate the waters of financial aid for post-high school education, you know how important it is to understand all your options. With that understanding you will make the best choices for funding your college education--choices that have the potential of affecting your financial life for decades. Take a look at the following infographic provided by Southern New Hampshire University  that explains many of the factors you should consider before returning to college.

Navigating the financial aid system infographic by Southern New Hampshire University, SNHU.EDU
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Monday, May 14, 2012

The New 1099K Tax Form

Small businesses who sell above a certain level will now receive a 1099K that reports to the IRS their gross earnings. This new form especially applies to small business online sellers on marketplaces such as and An interesting infographic below, created by, explains some of the ins and out of this new tax form so you can better understand whether this change will affect your own small business taxes.

big news for small business owners 1099 K Infographic
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Chemical Mergers & Acquisitions

by Malinda Winkle

Sometimes the corporate world prefers to buy their way into the marketplace of a given business sector. Using this strategy, chemical corporation executives wisely search for a chemical investment bank to assist them in merging with or acquiring another corporation that complements the long-term goals of the corporation.

In considering chemical merger or acquisitions, choose experts with vast experience in the chemicals sector. For example, The Valence Group is an international chemical investment bank with the expertise required to create and execute successful chemical mergers and acquisitions. Because they have locations on three continents, they have experts in the field who know the very market you have chosen to target.

 As all corporate executives know, every sector has its own special needs, considerations, difficulties and complexities. Having an international chemical advisory team, such as The Valence Group, on hand during decision-making and negotiations provides an obvious edge against your competition. Maximize the likelihood of a merger or acquisition succeeding by finding advisors who specialize in your particular sector.