Friday, July 23, 2010

Who Do You Write Like? Free Tool Tells You in Seconds

David Foster WallaceImage by Steve Rhodes via Flickr
Here's a fun site for anyone who enjoys writing. Called "I Write Like", you copy and paste a few paragraphs you have written on any topic. It starts crunching and in a matter of seconds pops up with the name of the famous writer whose writing your writing most resembles. 

Me? I apparently write like David Foster Wallace. Unfamiliar with Wallace until they named him, brief research at showed him as a brainy/philosophical Harvard alumni with best sellers. He writes both novels and essay collections.

It is easy to research what a famous author writes by searching their name on  Then, you can read samples of their published work online. I could see how my writing is similar to his essays. Cool tool! Give it a try. It is completely free, very telling, and, in my case, pretty accurate.

Have fun and please post a comment telling us whose writing your writing resembles. What did you make of it? We would love to hear from you. Were they right?
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  1. I write like James Joyce, an Irish writer/poet... intersting! Thank for sharing the site.

  2. James Joyce? He's another brainy/philosopher who has written a number of classics. Kudos if you write like him! I think you do, actually. (But, his meandering style will never pass the mustard with Demand Studios. Succinct is the word with them. lol)

  3. Hi Malinda,
    Visiting your blog from Kathy's blog party tonite. I am intriqued by this tool and it sounds fabulous. Although I am not a published writer, it would be interesting to see whose my short story writing style resembles. I will also visit your home schooling art activity at e-how. I do not homeschool but I am always looking for art activities that I can do with my triplet boys.

  4. Maureen,

    Thanks for stopping into my blog. Nice to have you. This "I Write Like" tool is really awesome. That's why I wanted to share it on my blog. We are having a lot of fun trying it out. Be sure to post back on my blog who you write like once you find out. I'm curious to see if you agree with their assessment. So far, they are 100% right on the first two we've tried.

    Once you read my Homeschool Art Activity on, nose around in that department and you will find many more articles on similar topics with tons of ideas you do with your kids. It's a great site to learn to do so just about anything.

    I'm looking foward to hearing who you write like.

    Thanks for becoming a follower!



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