Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Malinda Zellman Receives an Invite from Lookville.com

One of the administrative folks at the new fashion site called Lookville.com came across my blog and liked it, emailing me the following comments:

"...Just visited your "Malinda Zellman" blog and I was super impressed by its design and content. We just opened up our site Lookville for beta testing. It's a place for people to have discussions, share tips, and ask questions about fashion. Currently, memberships are by invitation only and I would love to have you on it!"

Wow!  What a nice surprise.  I feel so honored to have been invited into this fine company of fashion experts... and what fun I am having on this site!  While I don't consider myself a fashion expert, I do consider myself a jewelry fashion expert.  I have written articles about jewelry trends in the past.  This approach is very fresh, however.  What a wonderful way to get a sense of current trends, hot accessory ideas, popular colors for spring and summer and so much more. 

This site has been in the news the last week or so.  If you haven't already heard about Lookville, they allow you to upload a picture of yourself in a certain outfit you are trying to pull together and let others participating on Lookville share their ideas about which shoes, what hairstyle, what accessories, or for whatever assistance you have requested.  Some of the participants are very good at giving advice. 

It works in much the same way as a social networking site.  You can follow certain people and their comments if you like them.  I already have my first follower after only two short posts.  I will let you know when Lookville goes public.  I feel confident you ladies would enjoy a visit while surfing the net one afternoon. 

At the present time, I find the site a little slow, but that is not surprising considering they are new and getting lots of press as well as traffic to their site.  The site is presently reacting to feedback from those of us they have invited to help them get off the ground. 

I think the idea is ripe for something like this and, personally, I am enjoying offering a tip here and there about what jewelry and accessories work with certain outfits.  After so many years selling natural gemstone jewelry online, this is right up my alley.  You can rethink your "look" at Lookville.

Malinda Zellman

I am adding new classic jewelry pieces to my eBay shop this week (like these classic pearl earrings in 24 kt plated yellow gold for under $10) in addition to the Laura Paige designer rings I listed last week (see sample photos in previous article below).  Check it out when you have the time:  http://stores.ebay.com/Jewelers-Elegance

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