Saturday, July 3, 2010

Statement Rings: Visit Jewelers Elegance for Hard-to-Find Designer Rings by Laura Paige:

A "statement ring" is THE buzzword in fashion circles.  Visit and you will hear it over and over from their advisors.  "You need a statement ring to make that outfit sing, girl." 

Statement rings make a statement by their very presence - usually because of their size, heft or breathtaking elegance of design.  Much like you, they have attitude.
Here are a few example of the Statement Rings you will find at Jewelers Elegance...

Natural Citrine with White Topaz Accents
18 kt Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver

To see all your choices, visit Jewelers Elegance now!

Lime Quartz, Citrine with White Topaz
18 kt Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver  
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  1. I love the statement jewelry trend that's been around for awhile. The big, oversized and sometimes slightly gaudy pieces are right up my alley. I think that's why the button statement ring pin I stumbled across got me so excited.


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