Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Goodwill Helps People Find Jobs

While working a temporary government job recently, I was asked to come to the Goodwill Job Center in Leesburg, FL for our day of job training.  While there, I discovered a treasure trove of helps for anyone unemployed.  Because we were using Goodwill's classroom space in their Job Center, "Miss Linda" who works at this Goodwill Job Center gave us a quick rundown of what services are available through them. Like she said, after we were done with this temporary assignment, we would all be unemployed again, so she wanted us to know how they could help.

While we were on break from training, I spoke to Miss Linda who told me about her 3-day workshop. She offers these every month to help the unemployed learn how to write a resume, fill out an application, dress for success, manage your money and conduct an effective interview. They even videotaped our mock interviews and replayed them so we could see what we and our new friends in class were doing right or wrong while mock interviewing. 

This workshop was extremely helpful to me, so I wanted to share it with all of you.  It was not only informative but fun.  At the same time, we were all gaining confidence in our career development skills.  If you know someone looking for a career or who needs to make a career change, I highly recommend the Goodwill Job Center.

While the government unemployment centers and their staffs are completely overwhelmed right now, Goodwill is flourishing in this economy. They use their profits to offer all these services free of charge to anyone who wishes to take advantage of them.  Thank you Goodwill! 

Besides the workshops, the site where I went has a bank of computers you can use for job searches. They offer computer classes if you need to brush up on your computer skills. They have a bank of telephones if you need a quiet place to make calls to potential employers. Best of all, it has happy, helpful staff including "Miss Linda" who cheers you on in your quest to improve your life.  Highly recommended!

To find the Goodwill Job Center nearest you, click on the title of this article.  You can enter your zip code in their website to find the closest location to your home. 

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