Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Malinda Winkle's Response to the State of the Union Address

I promised myself I wouldn't watch the State of the Union. It really bothers me to listen to all that rhetoric. But, I did listen to most of it before I couldn't stand it anymore....

Does it irritate you that we fund things abroad and let our own citizens go hungry and without basic necessities? I realize they don't feel the recession in DC like some places around the nation. But, it's their job to know what is happening back at home.

self made beef jerky made from solid strips of...Image via WikipediaFor some pockets of the country, this is truly a full-blown depression. I have seen young women intentionally running in front of cars trying to kill themselves. I saw a homeless man who rigged his bicycle with a get-up to sharpen knives, sleeping on roadsides under an umbrella and sharpening knives for whatever he can get. People here are selling boiled peanuts, tomatoes, fruit and homemade beef jerky on the sides of the roads. People are selling their pets, their boats, their extra cars, their jet skis and so much more. They are having garages sales, sharing housing and vehicles - doing just about anything to survive this crisis. It's rough!

To watch the government send money to nations abroad with so many suffering here at home really irks me. Was I the only one who noticed Obama wants to cut DOMESTIC spending--not foreign aide? Can anyone relate to my frustration or is it just me? Talk to me, people...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Physics Videos for Kids

This milk was in a physics videoImage by Dale Basler via Flickr
Milk in a physics video

Here is a fun one: Find in this article I wrote for links to numerous physic videos for kids (but they are really fun for us adults to watch too). These videos suit children from 3 months old through high school.

Sometimes "...a picture is worth a thousand words". While teaching physics, this is definitely true. Have fun with these entertaining and educational videos. Share this link with friends who need them - especially homeschoolers.
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Agricultural Professional Organizations

Professional affiliations lend credibility to your business. This article suggests a few professional organizations appropriate for businesses related to agriculture.
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Grants for Online Businesses

Clipart of bills and coinsImage via Wikipedia If you administer an online business, the tips in this article I wrote for help you find grant money right away.
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Florida Small Business Economic Development Grants

Map of USA with Florida highlightedImage via WikipediaThis article gives Florida small businesses a few ideas where grant money hides. Hint: It sits right under your noses. 
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