Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Commercial Photography for Fine Jewelry Now on Display at eBay

As a freelance photographer, I have shot thousands of photos for retailers including eBay as well as for print advertising.  Please visit my new jewelry store called Jewelers Elegance which features elegant rings by Designer Laura Paige from Great Britain.  Laura Paige pieces are extremely hard to find and because of her intricate, jaw-dropping creations with cathedral settings and hefty natural gemstones, they are the rage.  To see my full collection, go to

You can see my photography skills and my new line of jewelry for sale by visiting my new store.  As you can see, my experience has allowed me to master the art of close-up photography, among other interests.  My new eBay shop is a work in progress that will be constantly growing and changing for the next few weeks.  Please pass the word to friends in your network about this awesome new line of jewely now available on a first-come, first serve basis.  Get them while they last!

If you know anyone interested in having me do some commercial photography for them, please pass the word about my interest in new projects.  Simply fill me in on your project requirements and I would be glad to submit a proposal that best meets your requirements.  To discuss a project, simply email me at and we'll talk about your needs. 

My next project... classic car going up so sale.  Stay tuned... 

Malinda Zellman

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