Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Perplexed Parenting Group: Free Help for Bewildered Christian Parents

For Those Rare Days of Parenting

Having parented four children--one into heaven and three into adulthood--I must first say that all four of them have brought unadulterated joy into my life. This joy I would have found in no other way than being their Mom. But, be honest. We have all had one of those rare days when our kids' behavior completely confounded our best efforts.

You may have tried every parenting trick in the book and still stand completely baffled by what you are seeing in your offspring. You may be asking yourself, "Is that my child?" That's when Christian parents need comfort, guidance and a caring response from people who come from a perspective we can appreciate.

The couple behind Perplexed Parenting have been friends of mine for a number of years, although we live in separate states. I turned to my friends at Perplexed Parenting one day recently when I felt completely bamboozled. Why, you ask? ...because I knew they had struggled with their kids too. Know what? They were there for me.

Plastering my discombobulated family life online or in their forum was not a requirement to get their guidance, their prayers, their love and encouragement. They were happy to chat privately by email. It made me feel better to know other parents have struggled on those rare days too. What a wonderful resource and sounding board the Perplexed Parenting founders are for those rare times when parenting your family leaves your somewhat mystified.

Make the connection with Perplexed Parenting today and enjoy their brief but frequent encouragements. Because one of those rare days may strike when you least expect it. You may find yourself completely stunned--a fully perplexed parent.

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