MAGAZINE PUBLICATIONS by Malinda Zellman-Winkle

Malinda Zellman-Winkle
Examples of Print Magazine Publications 

...began her writing and photography career in 1988 and it continues today.

Florida Retirements Lifestyles - profile of Fred Poole, the man who founded the first-ever seniors softball league (in Lake County, Florida)

True Confessions - true story about a child and his dog

First for Women - true story about a gambling addict

Church Administration - feature article about church charity work

Childrens Ministry - numerous feature articles, cover features, as well as original devotions, crafts and games over a period of years (see  "Starting a Pregnancy Care Center" originally published in print)

L. A. Parent - exploring the connection between music and brain development in children

Spotlight on Recovery - currently writing a feature article on social skills training for individuals recovering from various traumas