Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dean Graziosi: Fortune Magazine Says Now Is The Time

housing bubble..if i pop, you're screwed!! ......Image by marsmet47 via Flickr
Mr. Housing Bubble says... "If I pop, you're screwed!"
We are honored this week by a surprise visit from Dean Graziosi, well-known guru of real estate investing. Mr. Graziosi has written several books on investing for profit in real estate and also has his own website and blog. Here is a link to this week's video on Dan Weekly Video Blog #124 - Fortune Magazine Says Now Is The Time

After watching his short video, what do you think? Talk to me, people!

Is it time to start investing in real estate in your area? Or, is it too early? How do you know when the real estate prices have bottomed out? Do real estate prices have to bottom out before it is possible to invest profitably in a piece of real estate?

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  1. Hi, me again.. forgot to answer your other question.. Yes, I have done a wire wrap. I'm working on some Polymer clay Robin's eggs right now so I can wrap them.

    I made a really cool wire birds nest with three beautiful pale blue glass beads as eggs.

    You can see that one in my Artfire studio if you would like

    Hope that you have a great weekend!

  2. Welcome goes out to Cindy & Cinny. So, is it time to invest in real estate in your state?

  3. Here is Southern CA, it has been time to invest for the last year. Which is just what my dh and I have done. :) I'm a new follower. Glad to have found you.

  4. Oh, how exciting! Congratulations on your investment.

    Here is Florida, they expect prices to continue to drop for another year or so and then sit stagnant for two years before beginning a rebound. But, I realize others areas have begun to rebound. Like Florida, California was one of the worst-hit states when the bubble burst. So, it's encouraging to know things have begun to improve there.



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