Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FREE Help With the Costs of Keeping Your Car on the Road

Front left of carImage via WikipediaCars--we all need one and we all deal with repairs, insurance, car loans and IRS deductions for driving them. Here are a few car-related articles that touch on issues common to us all--owning a car.

How Long Can You Drive With a Blown Head Gasket? - hint: not very long (Ask me how I know - lol)
Auto Insurance Discounts for Teachers - commonly available if you ask for them
How Much Does the IRS Pay for Gas Mileage? - hot off the presses for this year
The Average Car Interest Rates - fresh numbers and links to find them as of today
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  2. Welcome Susan! I just explored your site and was very impressed with your intimate knowledge of Disney which is right here in my own backyard (practically). You go girl!


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  4. Welcome, Emily! I'm glad you enjoyed the article. We all deal with these issues.



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