Monday, March 14, 2011

Make Your Master Bedroom Into an Idyllic Romantic Spot

Up the drama in your master bedroom with a little investment of time, effort and money. Make two quick and easy changes by shopping online. These two changes can transform your master bedroom from boring to sentimental, amorous or passionate depending on your goals.

For maximum impact in a single sweep, replace your master bed linens--top to bottom. A good shopping site I found features a $30 to $300 price range for bedroom-transforming options from all over the internet. They compare all your options. You can search for hotel collection bedding options, for instance. Or, if you seek some serious luxury, search comforter sets queen. Here you find major name brands, Egyptian cotton, European linen choices and, my personal favorite, comfortors and duvets.

The shop-by-color feature makes this shopping site different from most as it helps you find what lights your fire and then narrows the possibilities. Using search features, select the color scheme, price range, brand, material and/or store choices that matter to you, and everything on the web that fits your criteria comes up for your review.

But, to make your makeover complete, do not stop there. Look at the fine details. A flame speaks directly of romance, right?  So, light up the night in style. Select from a selection of hurricane lamps and you add instant romance to the feeling of your newly remade master bedroom. For the budget conscious, options start at under $20. For maximum impact, check out the $8,000+ fine art chandeliers.
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