Saturday, March 26, 2011

Find New Job Skills and Prosper in Your New Career

So many have lost not only their jobs during the U.S. recession, but their entire industry has evaporated. It has left them with job skills that have no demand in the marketplace. Consider the textile workers with no textile plants left open for business. Even employees in  teaching, government and the postal service, which used to be considered secure jobs, feel the current recession in ways we never dreamed possible.

The result of this giant step backwards economically is an influx of adults searching for ways to develop new, more marketable job skills. They search for a career field they can get excited about going to every day.

Maybe you can find your bliss in one of the following career areas. They range from building inspector to radio sales and everything in between. If you are like me, what you learn will surprise you. 

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a nurse practitioner from International Relief Team

 Training Specialist Qualifications - This is my own, personal dream career.
Dental Hygienist School Scholarships - By the time you finish your training, maybe Americans will once again be able to afford to have their teeth cleaned.
How Much Does a Job in Radio Sales Pay? - only a high school education required, in some cases
Job Training for Payroll Specialists - Payroll has become big business as more and more businesses outsource this task to payroll companies.
How to Become a Domestic Violence Counselor - an unusually rewarding career
Steps to Becoming a Forensic Psychologist - These two fields combine into an amazing speciality.
Salaries in Corporate Finance - Make the big bucks.
What Are the Phlebotomy Qualifications? - short training if you need income quickly
ANA Nurse Practitioner Education Requirements - nearly the income of a doctor without all the responsibility and overhead
Building Inspector Certification in Maryland - Do you know the difference between a building inspector and a home inspector?
Financial Planner Certification Courses - Certified Financial Planners are the creme-de-la-creme amongst financial planners.
What Is the Average Salary of a Lepidopterist? Can you guess was a lepidopterist is? Hint: They study something colorful that has wings.
Education Requirements for a Planetary Geologist Career - This is a fascinating specialty within geology.
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