Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Importance of Role Delineation in Co-Leadership Models

Co-leadership models allow two individuals to share a leadership roll. The co-leaders may be co-CEOs, co-directors, co-teachers, co-principals, co-managers or a nurse-physician co-leadership, for instance.

Regardless of what businesses utilize the co-leadership model, clearly delineating each co-leader's role and responsibilities allows them to function confidently and allows their staff to interact with them efficiently. Without the staff having a clear understanding of which co-leader to approach for what problem, confusion can surface, diminishing efficiency. Further, the staff may attempt to play one co-leader off against the other in much the same way a child plays mom off against dad or vice versa.


IT Business Edge; Co-CEOs Not Common, but Leadership Model Works for Some; Ann All; February 2009

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