Monday, August 29, 2011

Balancing the Budget

Thanks to Roman May

My wife and I recently decided to start living on a cash budget. She cut back to working part-time when our first child was born two years ago, and it cut our income in half. She said that she would be willing to make financial sacrifices in order to stay home with our two kids, and I supported her in that decision. Our budgeting had gone pretty smoothly until last week when our house was broken into. We weren’t home when it happened, and our cash budget envelope was taken. We called the police, and after filing their report, they let us know that we really need to get a security system. We decided that with the strict cash budget we’re living on, it would be more than worth it to invest in a security system for our home. We asked around the neighborhood and found out that many neighbors used the system they found at With my wife being home with the kids all day, I would feel better knowing they feel safe.
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