Saturday, June 11, 2011

Real Crime on "Cold Case Files"

Guest post by Terrell House

My favorite educational program is "Cold Case Files" on A&E on satellite TV from, not to be confused with the fictional drama "Cold Case" on CBS. What I like about "Cold Case Files" is that it presents cold cases of murder that actually occurred in real life. It does not over-sensationalize the cases, but it does cover the facts and details that led to the capture of the murderers and were relevant to the court sentencing the criminals received. Unlike "Unsolved Mysteries," "Cold Case Files" does not leave me feeling unsettled because most of the cold cases they choose to present have been solved -- and they show you how. Occasionally, they do address cases that remain unsolved, but that just serves to add to the mystery of how the case being shown will or will not be resolved at the end of each of the show's segments. "Cold Case Files" usually takes watchers through two cases in an hour-long episode, one at a time. This means the show moves fast enough that it avoids slow moments, but is flexible enough to address the cases in more detail as warranted. Its easy to understand how they inspired the fictional drama "Cold Case" as well as other crime shows, but the original fact-based "Cold Case Files" on A&E remains my favorite.

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