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Constitutional Lawyer's Salary

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A constitutional lawyer's salary varies depending on the employee's education, the employer, the experience of the applicant and employer's location. According to the Degree Finders website, constitutional lawyers specialize in "the laws, relationships and rights that have been established by the Constitution of the United States." The allocation and exercise of government power comes into play in this field.

Salary Expectations

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not quote an average salary specifically for constitutional lawyers. Median annual wages for lawyers in general in May of 2008 is $110,590. However, constitutional lawyers typically earn less than other attorneys. The Simply Hired website states that in May of 2011, constitutional lawyer positions that advertised in job postings on their site with the term "constitutional law" averaged $47,000 but they acknowledged a wide salary variation based on multiple factors.The BLS states that nine months after an attorney graduates, the highest salaries ($108,500) go to those in private practice and the lowest salaries ($48,000) go to attorneys working in academic or judicial clerkships. These salaries represent lawyers of all types, however.

Employment Prospects

Job prospects for constitutional lawyers should grow at the same rate as other jobs, according to Degree Finders website. Applicants with an excellent academic record and the best level of experience have the best chance of winning the open positions.

Education Requirements

A bachelor's degree and a law degree are required for the practice of constitutional law. To be accepted into law school the applicant must get a satisfactory score on the Law School Admission Test, also known as the LSAT. Law students commonly complete internships as a part of their law school program. Before entering practice, constitutional lawyers must pass a written bar examination in the state where they plan to practice law and be admitted to his state’s federal court and the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Role of a Constitutional Lawyer

Constitutional lawyers focus on specific aspects of the U.S. Constitution. They apply constitutional law to a wide spectrum of topics from real estate to civil rights, for instance. It is not uncommon for a constitutional lawyer to present his case in federal courts, such as the U.S. Supreme Court. They consult with clients and fellow lawyers and do research on their cases to assure the important facts of the case are integrated into the court presentation in a timely manner.


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