Friday, January 21, 2011

Physics Videos for Kids

This milk was in a physics videoImage by Dale Basler via Flickr
Milk in a physics video

Here is a fun one: Find in this article I wrote for links to numerous physic videos for kids (but they are really fun for us adults to watch too). These videos suit children from 3 months old through high school.

Sometimes "...a picture is worth a thousand words". While teaching physics, this is definitely true. Have fun with these entertaining and educational videos. Share this link with friends who need them - especially homeschoolers.
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  1. Thank you for following. I am following back as Bonnie on GFC.

  2. Considering how little I know about Physics this was actually pretty interesting -- I'm just not good at science usually :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing, Marie. I homeschooled my three kids for 18 years until my youngest graduated high school last year. Science was a challenge for me, as that isn't my thing either. Lucky for us, my husband had a great handle on math/science, so he could bale me out when I got completely stuck:-)

    My daugher is graduating this year with a BA in Biology and plans to go on for PhD in Neurology. So, it can be done at home--even when you don't feel equipped.

    But, the videos are interesting. Some are even entertaining. Which did you like the best?


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